• 80% of learning in a child comes through his eyes

  • Vision is the #1 concern of school teachers

  • 90% of children who need glasses do not have them

  • 78% of juvenile offenders have vision impairments, 56% have two or more vision impairments


The consequences are severe: A child who cannot see or read is likely to disturb the whole class and eventually drop out of school, earning less money and be at a greater risk for welfare and ultimately jail.


Together we can create a connection between vision and literacy/education that does not currently exist. If we can give all our children a good vision by 3rd grade we can dramatically help them develop a better life, with more opportunity.



  • Suffers academically and drops out

  • Frustration leading to low self-esteem & acting out

  • More likely to be on welfare

  • Becomes a drag on the economy



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